August 10, 2018

We give a special thanks to Steve Paradisio and the michigan farm buearu for sharing this wonderful tribute of the Starbuck Wildfire victims Stay Tuned. Closed Captioning brought to you by AG Promo Source, together we grow. Learn more at Walker Clawson: One day at school, we heard there was a fire south of town, no big deal but we looked outside and it was pretty windy so we kind of got worried. Bernnie Smith: When their fire page went off, me and my son was about 90 miles south of here, moving wheat pasture cattle. Shala Underwood: We had ash falling here and the sky was very orange just from the sun coming through the smoke. Mark Gardiner: Yes, I remember about 12.30, we smelt smoke and I told everybody, “I’m going to go and try to find it.” We thought we could see the smoke to the west. Jenny Giles Betschart: My home was gone, Katy’s home, we thought was probably gone. Molly and CJ’s home was gone, the barn was gone and our office was gone.

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